Thursday, May 19, 2011

Queen of Color

Yes...I am the (self-proclaimed) Queen of Color.  When Rachel was a little girl she proclaimed herself the Queen of Farts.  After living with her father for the past 24 years....I know where she got it from.  Now I am proclaiming to be the Queen of Color...and I have no idea where it comes from. 

Check out the colors that I got in the last 2 kiln firings.  The first firing gave me blues and reds.  I got some amazing texture on the large piece

The second firing just a day later gave me oranges and yellows.

For whatever reason I have making some really large pieces.  See the pic below.  The small piece in the picture is the size of a quarter....which shows you just how large this piece is.  It's awesome..LOL.



Wanaree said...

Wowsers Gail!! The title is definitely appropriate!

Katie Hanrahan said...

You are definitely the queen! Gorgeous!

minasrasoulis said...

great designs!