Friday, April 30, 2010

Hacked and Re-Hacked

A few weeks ago my Facebook account was hacked and a bunch of bogus e-mails were sent out.  Now they've hacked my AOL e-mail account.  Luckily Colleen let me know about the strange e-mail she received.  I went to my sent box and there they were. 

I feel so violated...not really. 

I have changed my password to FB, AOL, and my blog. 

Hack that!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun...'s been a busy couple of weeks.  Anne Mitchell was in town last weekend to teach fusing to the PMC guild. We had a great time and everyone did really well.  And after three times, I finally got the hang of fusing.  I was slow at picking up this technique....but I really have it this time.  I finished off a necklace tonight that I started in class. 

Monday, Lou and I went to the Cavs game and watched them finsh off Chicago.  Now it's on to Boston.  We got the tickets from one of the docs at work and they were great....8 rows from the floor.  It doesn't get any better than that....well...I suppose front row would be better :)

Last night we went out to dinner to Gene and Barbara.  Gene is Lou's golf buddy.  They are such nice people, it's always a pleasure to go out with them.  We ate at Nemo Grille in Avon.  Great food.  We will definetely go back.

Tonight was my first chance to really relax.  I finally got up into the studio, which is an absolute wreck.  Anne can attest to that.  I cleaned it up a little bit tonight and spent the rest of the time fusing.  I told Lou I refuse to do anything for two inner recluse has to recover.  I want to spend the weekend in the studio.  He has tickets to the Cavs game on Saturday and I said I would go if he couldn't find anyone he's going with Gene....YEAH....I can stay home and work in clay.

I had a physical last week.  I'm healthy as a horse except for a Vitamin D deficiancy...again...still.  The doc asked me if I had been taking supplements....No.  So she had another level done just to prove to me that I have a problem.  Normal is suppose to be around 40 and I am at 5....oops.  She said that I am so low that I should feel a major difference by taking supplements she also pointed out all the problems that I could have due to the deficiency...heart disease, cancer...OK, OK...I've heard enough.  I got my Vitamin D and will be taking a mega dose each day for 8 weeks.  Then I can cut it back a bit.  I'll am curious to see if I feel a difference. 

That's about it for now.  I feel bad I don't have any exciting pictures to post.  I'll work on that over the weekend. 

Have a good one!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's a metal smithing weekend

Anne Mitchell is in town.  She is here for the weekend to teach low tech metal smithing to our PMC guild.  She arrived early afternoon on Friday.  We had a few hours to kill so I took her down to the beach in Bay Village.  It was windy so the waves were kicking up.  This is taken from the end of one of the break walls.  If you've never seen a Great Lake before...this is what it looks like.

Anne got splashed with a wave.  Here she is taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. :)

It's been fun having time to talk and catch up.  And now she has proof that Lou is real (she thought he might have been a cardboard cut-out since none of my out of state friends had met him). 

We had a good class today.  Everyone enjoyed fusing and did really well.  Another class tomorrow and then she is off to Tucson on Monday. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I Just Love Show Tunes"...

That was not said by me...but I do like show tunes.  I like preposterous as they seem...people breaking out in song.  But I like them. 

Apparently so does the hubby.  We were both upstairs last night...he was in his office and I was in the studio...they're connected.  He had music playing....a compilation of Andrew Lloyd Webber tunes.  He was singing along with them....and it was getting weird.  When he started signing "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar I told him he was getting scary.  He shouted out.....


Alrighty then. This Mr. Show Tunes.... 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Black and Whites

No jewelry pics to post...yet.  I have been experimenting and have a few things in the kiln.  In the meantime, I've been playing with some pics from Paris and converted them to black and white. Here they are....

What it is about this city that keeps pulling me back?  When I'm restless, I think of Paris....and it makes me all the more restless.  I know I will never live there, but it has captured my heart in spite of this fact....or maybe because of it.

Au Revoir, Bye-Bye

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A must read.......The Artistic Timeline by Michael deMeng

Michael deMeng blew me away with his recent post.....

Assemblog of Michael deMeng: The Artistic Timeline

"I have always held the FIRM belief that artistic ideas belong to no one single person. I have always held the firm belief that Art grows from the ideas of others. If it didnt' we would still be drawing in the mud. Ever single art that has ever existed comes from a gradual development of a concept or a technique. Art movements are about artists working on a similar theme, but from those themes come individuality. If you look at the Renaissance with blurred vision you it would seem that all the artists were sort of copying each other...and guess what, they were. Of course, I tend to think of it less of copying and more of "learning" from new ideas. If you look closely you start to notice subtleties in each artists work. Bosch and Bruegel are very similar...but look closer and they are not. That is the point, there is no possible way for them to be identical, no two minds will never be able to create exactly the same thing (unless you are a forger which is a different kind of thing altogether). Art movements are about trends that are interesting or pertinent to the time of the creations. If there wasn't a fair amount of "learning" from each other there would be no such thing as an art movement. Otherwise Raphael would be doing Renaissance painting while DaVinci would have invented Abstract Expressionism...its not what happens. Artists grow, and expand on the ideas of other Artists.

Now I'm going to pull out a quote from Picasso...well at least it has been attributed to him "Good artists borrow. Great artists steal." The reason this is important is that an artist's role is to move ideas forward. The way they do this is by paying attention to what's going on around them. I promise you that Michelangelo was well aware of what Raphael was doing and vice versa. I view art as a science. Like scientific discoveries, artistic discoveries are built on the bones of its predecessors. It seems ludicrous to me to have to reinvent something that has already been explored. All styles and techniques are worthy to be reexamined and rediscovered. It is what we as artist's do.

So the reason I have sort of a bee in my britches over this isssue is that I am amazed at how many of my students seem surprised that I am willing to share my ideas with them. Of course I'm going to share my ideas. Art MUST grow! It must move forward.

I have absolutely no fear that someone is going to "steal" my style and run with it. Let them, but it won't be my style. They may use my techniques but it will never be mine and anything I do will not be there's. It is probable that other artists using certain techniques of mine will grow in directions that I would have never thought of. In some cases perhaps better. So be it! That is a good thing. If nothing else it keeps me motivated to stay on top of my game.

So for those teachers worried about someone stealing you "secrets"...well you have the choice not to teach or share those secrets. Of course, by now, you know how I feel about that point of view.

The reason I am so avid about this position of sharing is that, to me, art is sacred and magical. It is perhaps one of the most sacred and magical things we have on this earth. The idea of keeping artistic ideas, techniques and thoughts hidden from other artists seems like an spit in the face of everything that I hold as divine in the Universe. It is sacrilegious to everything that I believe as an artist. I believe, as an artist I am here to explore this place through my eyes and hands. At some point I will have shuffled off this mortal coil. What greater honor is there than inspiring others and knowing you have contributed to the continuity of the artistic timeline. Before I die that is what I hope I can achieve, but I can't achieve it unless I am willing to share."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Review...Bronze Metal Clay

I have an advanced copy of Bronze Metal Clay by Yvonne M. Padilla. This is another great book from Lark Books. The front section covers everything you want to know about bronze it's different from silver, tools to use, how to store the clay, how to load the container, firing schedules and more. There is also a nice troubleshooting section.

There are 35 diverse projects. I'm so into doing ancient tribal work that this opened y eyes to the variety of things you can do with bronze metal clay. Besides necklaces, earrings and bracelets, Yvonne has included projects for house numbers, coasters, belt buckles, vessels, broaches, knobs, buttons, wind chimes, rings and beads.

The house numbers have me thinking that you could also do favorite words and names to decorate the walls of your studio or your kids rooms. It's a great book with lots of projects to make and to inspire you.

And now the shameless self promotion....I have two pictures in the book....

Like I said...I'm into making ancient tribal shields...or at least my interpretation of them.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Enough with the sickness...

Lou is back from Korea...and he's sick. I spent the last two weekends sick and now he is sick. I know that I didn't give it to him since he was away for 10 days. What's worse than being sick is watching someone be sick and know that there is nothing you can do...they just have to tough it out.

Went home to visit Mom today. Did her laundry and a quick clean up of the house. It's amazing how well she is doing after her knee replacement. I had her going up and down the stairs to the basement today. She is determined to do her own laundry. She mowed the lawn this weekend too (riding lawn mower). My cousin, Sally, was there when I arrivied. I got to visit with her for a while. Haven't seen her in 3-4 years.

I got a little metal work done this weekend. I need to spend a couple more hours in the studio before I can get something into the kiln. I'm reading "Making the Most of your Flex-Shaft"...It's a page turner. I need to learn how to use if for other things besides drilling.

I have an advance copy of another book....I have two pictures in this one. I will do a book review for you later today. Have to go make dinner.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back from the near-dead...

Wow....I don't ever want to have a stomach flu again. That was painful, draining (literally) and scary. You lose fluids faster than you can replace them...which is probably why I almost passed out.

Anyway, by Saturday I could eat a little although my stomach hurt. Sunday was much better. I went home to a family dinner. I was ravenous. I kept telling myself to eat slow, eat small. But I felt like a stray cat. Have you ever seen a stray eat. They hover over their food, eyes moving from side to side to see if anyone is going to take away the food...growling if something comes near. That is what I felt like. I filled up a giant plate and ate...and ate. It all tasted so good and I couldn't stop...stray cat syndrome....but I didn't growl or scratch anyone :))

I need to get back to the bench now that I know I"ll be doing a summer show. I'll get up there this weekend. I have no plans...YEAH!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Auction for Michele Goldstein on eBay

The auction for Michele and her boys is up on eBay now and will go for the next ~9 days. Click here to see the items. There are pieces from Gail Crosman Moore, Anne Mitchell, Donna Mehnart, Andrea Guarino Slemmons, Anne Mitchell, Barb Switzer, Kate McKinnon, Dustin Tabor, Stephanie Sersich, Jennifer Geldard, Karen Elmquist, Terry Caspary Schmidt, Sarah Moran, and Steph Korsage.....just to name a few.

The pictures don't do the pieces justice. Here are some pics of my piece that is in the auction.

These are great pieces up for auction and its for a good cause.


Cain Park...YEAH!!!

Other than not being in the bathroom for the last 6 hours (see previous post)...the biggest excitment of the day is that I am accepted into the Cain Park Art show this year.

I wore myself out last summer doing too many shows so I decided to do just one show this summer. I was waiting to hear about Cain Park before I decided which one to do. I received the letter from them it will be Cain Park. It's a nice show and had really heavy traffic last year.

I thought I was going to die.....

really. I've been sick since I came back from Santa Fe. It started as a head cold and advanced to a chest cold. Then came the GI tract. I don't know if it was related to the cold or I picked up a bug....but this was the nastiest GI bug I have ever had. Since Thursday night I haven't been more than a few feet from the bathroom. I'm sure that's more info than you want to know . But last night while being sick...I semi-passed out. I say semi because I could just faintly hear Benny (the cat) meowing incessantly in the distance. It's when he reached out to touch me with his paw that I came to. I remember thinking I might have to crawl to the phone and call for an ambulance. But instead I made it to the couch and stayed there for most the night. I weighed myself this morning....I lost 11 pounds.

After 36 hours of has been OK. I had the energy to go the store and get some Gaterade, jello, bananas...all stuff to replace electrolyes and put some sugar in the body. I'm hungry but afraid to eat anything heavy. So I guess it's clear fluids for today. Tomorrow I'm suppose to go to Mom's for Easter.

Lou is in Korea and won't be back until Friday. By then I should be all better.