Monday, April 13, 2015

Only three seats left.....

If you want to take the Forged and Twisted Bronze Bracelet class on Wednesday, June 3....sign up soon.  There are only 3 seats left!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cleveland Flea

Today was the first Cleveland Flea of the season.  I thought there might not be so many people there since it's April....but I was wrong.  They place was crowded.

I was looking at this mutli-drawer cabinet.  I'm thinking it could be painted black or even red and distressed.  It would be very cool in the studio.  Maybe next time. 

I didn't expect to see this at the Flea.

I was looking at the table for my studio. It would be great for my kilns.  It has a cast iron sewing machine legs on it. 

Some other salvage. Metal drawers make for great storage. 

Drooling over this. I'm surprised you don't see drool marks all over it. I kept touching it. I had to restrain myself from licking it. 

Food trucks.  There were quite a few and they all had long lines.  

Picked up some really cool wooden coasters with images from Cleveland. From Foundry Woodprints

I got a FREE hammer!!  It didn't have a price.  When I asked...the guy told me I could have it.  He said he didn't want to throw it out so he just put in on the table for decoration.  It was from Yellow Door Goods.  They always have really cool things but I never get there early enough to buy them.  They sell out early. 

I also got this old mold for making bricks.  It is going to be great on the wall used as shelves.  

All in all a good day at The Cleveland Flea.  If I would have had Lou with me I might have picked up more stuff.  I just couldn't carry some of the other stuff.