Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cheeky Devil....

Yesterday I received a Spanx catalog in the mail.  Of course none of the models in the catalog have a need for the product.  They are all stick creatures.  But I had to laugh when I came to the Booty-Booster Short.  A sliming under garment that comes with optional pads so you can increase your cheek size.  I'm still scratching my head over that one....of course having a flat butt has never been my problem.  I guess when you wear this particular item you don't ask if they make you butt look big. 

"Does this couch make my butt look big??"

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Second Earring Class Added

The earring class that Cris and I are teaching sold out....so Bead and Button added a second class.  If you wanted to get into it...now is your chance.  The class will be on Saturday, June 8th.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm not getting a damn thing done....

What the hell???  January is half over and I'm not getting anything done.  The weekend went like this....every weekend seems to go something like this.

On Saturday I went home to spend time with mom.  I've been going every Saturday.  She is recovering from a knee replacement.  She and my brother Ed had lunch ready when I got there.  We ate, Ed did the dishes while I did the wash and cleaned up the house.  We then drove out to Ed's house....Mom drove...first time since surgery.  Went to the farm so I could do some "american picking" in the old tool shed.  Back to Mom's house to finish the wash.  Left Mom's.  On the way home stopped at Target and the grocery store.  Made Jamabalya for a pot luck on Sunday.  Made dinner for Lou and I.  Finally sat down around 9pm and gift-wrapped a bunch of books for the potluck.  I think I finally had some time to myself about 10pm.

Today I went to the grocery store to pick up some bowls and spoon for the potluck, forgot to pick up some pop so I stopped at the gas station.  Drove over to Chargin Falls...40 minute drive for the Guild meeting and potluck.  Spent 3 hours there.  On the way I was so caught up in my thoughts that I missed switching freeways.  Got home and had to clean up the disaster that was my living room and kitchen.  Finally sat down around 10pm. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. 

Some pictures from the farm. This is the farm house I grew up in...without the big building behind it.  Most years, that was a corn field.

The old combine out in the woods.  My brother is going to get someone to haul it away.  I told him I wanted some of the metal from it before it goes.
Close-up of some of the pieces-parts on it.
Rusted chain and gears anyone??  I brought some back with me :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Day in Pictures.....

Today was a strange day. It started out with a meeting that got quite heated...

And I pretty much got kicked in the teeth....

I was so frustrated that I started crying (as they shaved my head)...

and I pulled a muscle in my back.......
 But the day wasn't all bad.  I weighed in and lost 2.4 lbs....finally....

 Got a call in the afternoon (from the teeth-kicker) telling me I got a raise.....

So I'm sitting here shell-shocked....don't know if I should be happy or sad....
 so I think I will just go to bed.....
All pics from natgeo.com
Just kidding about getting my head shaved :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Classes for a New Year!!

Bead and Button registration opens up on Tuesday.  Something I always look forward to.  It's so much fun looking through the catalog and deciding what classes to take.  Then on registration day I sit at my computer anxiously waiting for registration to open so I can get into the classes I want. 

This year it is different. Cris Leonard and I have 7 classes being offered. I will still be sitting anxiously at the computer but it will be to see if our classes are filling. 

The classes will teach acid etching, sawing, riveting, texturing, bracelet formation, metal clay, and jewelry design. Our classes will be educational and lots of fun!!!

This is offered three times


A new year.....

I've been trying desparetely to come up with something profound to say about the new year, but profundity (yes it's a word) escapes me...or maybe I never had it. 

Instead I will leave you with my favorite cat video.  I've posted this before but it is always worth a second look and it's about as profound as I can get right now.