Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stash from Bead and Button

It's been a while since I posted.  It's been a while since Bead and Button.  You get back to reality and time get sucked up with work and other responsibilities. These days I don't get much time for myself.

This year Bead and Button was a bit different.  We had more time to relax and do things other than teach.  One of the places we visited is Michael Alt's. He has a combination plant and antique/curio/junk store. I found some storage pieces, a couple architectural items, and sea beans.

Sea beans are seeds and pods that fall off trees into streams and rivers and then wash out into the sea. The currents can take them thousands of miles from where they grew. The large ones look like hearts and the smaller ones look like hamburgers. I'm going to polish them up and use them in my jewelry.

Sea Beans

We stopped into the Iron Horse Hotel for lunch. It's an old warehouse that they converted into a hotel. If I ever get up to Milwaukee other than B&B I'd like to stay here.  They lobby is really cool.

Iron Horse Lobby complete with motorcycle

The place is filled with industrial artifacts

Gears.  I have corn picker plates from the farm that are similar.

Love this picture and just in time for Independence Day

I didn't buy much at the show this year.  I look around my studio and see all the beads that I currently have there isn't much of a need for anything more....except the time to make new jewelry. That's a commodity that is in short supply.

You can never go by Gary Wilson's booth without picking something up

Brass Beads

Found a new chain vendor

Lots of etched agate and some turquoise
It all came and went too fast. But the fun things always do.