Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happiness is......

.....having a weekend all to myself!!!

It's been a summer filled with too much work due to a new job...but happiness is the new job.  It's also been filled with taking care of my Mom.  She fell and broke her hip in July and I have been going home each Saturday to clean, wash and run errands.  But again...happiness is spending more time with her. 

Today....I have a weekend to myself.  I didn't need to go to Mom's and my husband is in the south of France...unhappiness is your husband going to the south of France and due to circumstances...not being able to go with him. Sucks. But I stayed home to celebrate my Mom's 90th birthday so...happiness is being with my Mom and family on her birthday.  Quite a milestone and she is doing really well. 

I'm taking the weekend to catch up on things  My flower beds are all weeds but those are going to have to stay that way....a couple months and everything is going to be dying off anyway. I have a long list of house repairs that need to be done...but those will still be here next weekend.  This weekend I am going to clean up my studio and draw and....I put together my 12" guillotine shear. 

Happiness is a new guillotine shear.  Doesn't every girl want one??!!  Of course you do.  You may not know it yet...but you do.  It cuts through metal like butter and cuts a full 12" sheet of metal.  TOO MUCH FUN!! And of course it's sitting on the dining table.  I don't cook much but I can cut metal!!