Sunday, June 30, 2013

Class Pictures

I didn't take near enough pictures of the classes that we taught.  The time just flew.  All of our classes involved metal etching.  The 6 hour classes used etching as a basis to make a piece of jewelry.  One class was earrings and the other two were bracelets.

Our classroom was in the convention hall floor.  We made use of every inch of that room and even pushed out the backside.

Cris on the move to her next demo.

Yiyi working on a bracelet.
Cory working on her bracelets.


Kath Steinbring's Zentangle design.  This is based on Betweed (see below)

After a long day of teaching.....we hide behind the curtains of Karen's booth.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's been ages

Seems like it's been ages since I last blogged....and in fact it has.  In early May I squirreled myself away to work up samples for the Bead and Button classes that Cris and I taught.  The show has come and gone so quickly.  And now my schedule is filled with a couple dozen other projects that need to be completed. 

But first...the show...  During the first 4 days Cris, Yiyi and I took a Master's class with the incomparable Celie Fago

We worked with sterling metal clay making rings. Great class and lovely clay.  It may actually draw me back into silver.  I love rings and have always wanted to make them to round out my repertoire of jewelry...necklaces, earrings, bracelets and now rings.  Below is a sampling of the rings we made in class.

Below are the 5 rings that I made in class.

And with every Master's Class comes the graduation dinner.
Me with Erin and Celie

Annie and Katie
Yiyi and Cris
Yiyi, Jean, and Cris
Hazel and Yiyi
Marlene and Hazel
There were beads and buttons on the table so of course...we all made jewelry.
Hazel made a stunning bracelet
Annie's beautiful ring
We had a great time!!  These girls are all so wonderful!!