Saturday, May 26, 2007

Monumental Week

This was a big one for me. I turned 50 on the 24th. I keep saying it "50". Although mentally I think I am still 35. The day started out with penguins on my front yard along with a banner that said "Happy Birthday Sweetie". Lou wisely decided not to put my age on the banner. I had to give a computer demo first thing when I got to work and the Admins surprised me with 12 pink roses and a ballon. Then 2 other friends at work called to take me out to lunch. Dinner was with Lou at a local Mexican restaurant complete with Tequila shots. It was a good day.

I can't belive that Bead and Button is here already. I am driving to Milwaukee next Saturday. I have classes from Sunday to the following Saturday. One class is a 3-day PMC class, some wireworking, and a chain maille class. This year I will be helping Michele Goldstein in her booth on opening night of the exhibitors. She is really cool and makes great beads. The flower bracelet at the bottom of the blog are her beads. If I take my computer with me I will try to update while I am there.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Colors of My World

I love springtime and all the flowers. These are some pics of my flowers. We have 2 hot pink azalea bushes in the front of the house. On the side of the driveway we have a rock retaining wall with this great purple creeper. It's not creeping phlox, but very similar. And in the back...sweet woodruff. This stuff is sooo invasive. I rip it out by the handfuls in the spring. We almost have the springtime clean-up done in the front of the house. The lawn and one of my flower beds had been ripped up last fall to replace a sewer tile so we had to restore all of that and then just the normal sprucing up and mulching of the beds. Then we move to the back of the house. It's mostly shade. I have tried to grow flowers back there, but they don't do very well. I am just going to give in to mother nature and plant hostas. They love it in my backyard.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

New Picture of Me on the Blog

One of my friends at work said I needed a picture of me smiling. I have no good pictures of me. I usually have my eyes closed. This picture to the right was taken last year in Amsterdam. Lou had just stopped into a pipe shop. What's in the pipe you ask???? Please it was Amsterdam....what do you think??