Sunday, May 5, 2013

Etcing done....

Now onto fabrication.  I'll be in the studio the rest of the day.  Yay!!

Making more class samples

I'm making more class samples.  Doing this allows me to practice.  David Rankin said something at his lecture last week that was an aha moment.  He talked about professional musicians and how they practice all the time.  That made me think about how I only work at the bench when I want to make something.  When I spend an extended period of time at the bench, I can see my work evolve.  I realized that I should be working at the bench a lot more...practicing and evolving.

I spent this last week after work, prepping pieces for etching.  I played with rolling the brass bracelet blanks below across inked stamps.  They have a tendency to slip and to have areas where it didn't pick up the ink.  But I like that look and I think the etching process will make it look eroded. I also hand drew designs on them. 

Brass bracelets 

Pieces ready for earrings and a bracelet.  These were all done with PNP paper.  This is one of the techniques we will be teaching in our classes.

Copper earrings and a bracelet
Tomorrow I'll work on finishing these pieces.  Practice, practice, practice.