Monday, December 30, 2013

What I did on my Christmas vacation...

I've loved having time off.  Visited with family, did some shopping, and got some work done in the studio....well...dining room actually.

I have been working on some new designs to etch in copper for texture sheets.  I finally got most of them onto copper sheet and ready for etching...which will happen today.  Using the bench shear is so much fun.  The metal cuts like butter.  All this time I've been cutting the metal by hand...which is OK in a pinch....but is very hard on the hands when doing a lot.  And it curls when cutting by hand.  The shear cuts clean and neat...makes me wonder why I didn't have one of these a long time ago.

Well...time to set up the etch solution.  Once I have these done I can't wait to see how they look in clay.  I usually grab a wad of polymer and start pressing into the texture.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

How can it be Christmas again...

This weekend was spent getting ready for Christmas.  I went to the Last Minute Market on Saturday with Deb and Brenda.  We spent time talking to Katie and Eva who have studios at the Screw Factory.  I also managed to pick up a few things....

The lamp is Lou's birthday present.
I picked up a scarf which temporarily became a cat blanket.

"What'd ya mean it's a scarf....seems purr-fect for me"
And a sweet little bracelet from Theresa Loomis

I'm loving this.
I've been in the studio...a bit...making potato chips....bronze potato chips.

These are in the tumbler right now.
Today we were out toy shopping.  I kept finding toys I wanted to play with.  Off to wrap them!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in the saddle....

To be honest...I haven't worked in the studio since before June.  I've been away from it for 6 months.  No idea why.  At first it was to take a break and then I just got in a rut of coming home from work and sitting in front of the TV surfing the net....a really bad habit that I need to break. 

And then I saw a black-out poem by Austin Kleon...if you don't know Austin... you should check out his website.  A very techno-savvy, creative guy.

So off to the studio to PLAY.  I say PLAY... loudly.... because there are some who think if you refer to your art as "playing" then you are not serious.  I work at a serious job all day long.  When I get into the studio...I want to PLAY.  I want leave behind the rules and regulations I deal with everyday. I want to smile, laugh, sing, and have fun.  Serious and anal is the last thing I want to be.  Am I going to be a world-renowned artist??  Probably very few of us ever will be.  I can practice my art, hone my skills, and have fun doing it....otherwise...why bother.  Life should be filled with joy whenever possible!!

Anyway....I didn't do anything ground-breaking.  I just pushed some clay into molds...but it was fun and I got back into it...and I had to start somewhere. 

Still getting amazing colors with my laundry room carbon

So now my challenge is to get into the studio at least a couple day a week.  I have some new textures I want to work with and some ideas for new pieces.

Speaking of pieces....when I was out in Santa Fe I picked up a few pieces for myself.  I don't buy jewelry often but when I do...hahaha...I sound like the Dos Equis beer guy....anyway...I buy from people that I admire.

So here are a few pieces I picked up.

Carolyn Morris Bach - this was my anniversary present.
Holly Masterson - this was present to myself

Victoria present for myself :))