Saturday, August 24, 2013

Slowly I turn...step by step...inch by inch

Are you enough to remember that skit...I remember the Three Stooges doing it.  That's how I've been moving.....slowly.  Slowly figuring out what needs to be done and what order I need to do them in. 

 I've set up my light tent on the dinning room table and have been photographing my jewelry.  I'm slowly getting things up on Etsy.  Here are a few pieces.

I have so many pieces I think I could spend the next 2-3 months just doing this.  But....I have to do it in bits and pieces so they will go up slowly. 


Friday, August 16, 2013


Since August 1st my life has been ruled by deadlines.  Cris and I had our Bead and Button submissions due on the 9th.  BTW...we submitted 6 great workshops and classes. 

At the same time at work I was preparing our 2014 budgets...also due on the 9th.  I had to project spending across 70+ accounts with 100 employees for a total of ~$7 million.  In the middle of this one of the scientists decide they wanted to submit a DOD grant....right away.  No amount of talking could persuade a delay in the submission.  Then we were told we had to do a space vs. revenue survey... for that we got an extra week..LOL.  So I've ended up working for about 16 days straight.  At home, on the weekends, I was crunching numbers to get everything done on time.

In the middle of it all I made an emergency trip to the eye doctor to check on some flashes I was having in my eye.  The retina looks OK but we are going to follow it for a few weeks. 

And now...I am done with all the deadlines.  I am doing nothing that looks like business for the next few days.  I'm not looking at work e-mails.  I'm not going to think about work again until Monday morning. 

I'm getting a haircut tonight and having dinner with Lou...and I'm spending the rest of the weekend in my studio with the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door.  I might even take a nap.