Monday, March 11, 2013

Class Project

One of our class projects was to create a design on the front of a canvas bag.  I'm obviously very geometric right now.  The flowery tangles are a little harder for me to draw at this point. Practice, practice, practice.  I remember when I started making jewelry everything was so symmetrical.  It took a while for me to break that habit. 
I think this will help me create design plates for metal clay.  Now I need to combine this techniques with tribal motifs.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Final pics from the museum

I took a lot of pictures at the museum.  I remember going on school field trips when I was a kid.  I always had a camera with me and always took pictures.  There were never any good....but I was always snapping pictures.

Close-up of a lions mane.  Love the pattern.  This would be a neat texture for the clay.
A griffin...I just imagine him saying..."MINE".

A view of the side.

Close up of the wing.
Stone Celtic head.  I love this piece.
9th century Transenna post from Italy

Visigoth belt buckle from the 6th century.

This blows me away.  3500-4000 BC.  Vinca Culture from Serbia.

Monday, March 4, 2013

More Patterns...

Patterns, patterns, patterns. I took a ton of pictures at the art museum. Here are a few more patterns and some more cool things.

Even the air grates are patterned.  I want these for my house.

An Iranian incense burner.  I want this for my house too.

It has inscriptions from the Koran around the neck and down the spine.

Textile patterns.

Part of a stained glass window.

Inscription on a medieval door.

Late 16th century Italian painting.

Close-up of the chain

Close-up of the lace.

Close-up of the jewelry.

16th century painting by Agnolo Bronzino

The lace is amazing.

16th century German painting


Part of a 16th century French tapestry

Saint Martin of Tours.  I want this for my house too.

Patterns on a stained glass window.

Cow skulls from a stained glass window.  These were great.

Detail on wooden doors.

Floor pattern in a painting

More stained glass.

Believe it or not...I still have more photos. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another day at the Art Museum

Today our class went to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  We went there looking for patterns...and other cool things.  I'm enjoying spending my Saturdays at the museum.  I take in more when I spend short periods of time there.  I have a saturation limit of about 2 hours.  After that I glaze over. 

I loved this.  At first I thought this was "The Man in the Mask" type of torture helmet.  But is is just a jousting helmet. 

This had a great pattern across the visor

This is part gear head and part rooster.

The hilt of this sword has some great detail in it.  You have to see it close up.

The swords in the museum were used for decorative purposes rather than battle.

Decorative pistol.

The texture on the pistol grip.

Gunpowder flask
Closeup of the flaks

Detail on a gun barrel

Hilt of a sword

Armor...I could see this a modern day dress

Close-up of the breastplate.  The hooks were unique.