Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hot Tub in the Snow

The reason we went to Santa Fe was to celebrate Lou's birthday.  So we spent his day doing all the things he wanted to do.  The first was spend time at Ten Thousand Waves, a Japanese spa.  We did a private outdoor hot tub, couples massage, and I had a facial.  It was still snowing so we had a great experience.  The snowflakes were falling and steam was rising off the hot tub.  It was gorgeous.

 The walk up to the spa....something like 80 steps up to pure bliss

 We were there first thing in the morning so I ran around and took some pictures.  I didn't want to freak out the guest by walking around with a camera.  This is the view just off the womens' locker room.  Since it's on the side of a mountain there are steps up to some of the hot tubs.

 The Koi Pond

 Even the fish were in the Holiday mood...."O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...."

 A lovely little statue covered in snow

 Waterfalls through the trees.

This was our hot tub....not so much a tub as a pool.

 There was a cold plunge next to the hot tub.  If you have the hop out of the hot tub and jump into the cold plunge which is filled with ice cold water.  I tried inching in....I think I made it up to my calves before I went back to the hot tub.  I guess that is why they tell you to jump in
Our sandals collecting snow. 

Later that day we went to dinner at Geronimos on Canyon Road.  A fabulous experience.  It's a beautiful restaurant and they treat you like royalty.  We were admiring some of the paintings on the walls and realized that Sam Shepard was sitting two tables away.  I didn't see him at first.  I was looking at the painting over his head and recognized his voice.  Cool....we had dinner with Sam least that's my story :))

Window Shopping in Santa Fe

Lots of pictures tonight.  Two of the greatest things about Santa Fe is window shopping and gallery hopping.  I've always described roaming around the town as a mix between a great shopping trip and a visit to the art museum.

You can see everything there...from traditional Christmas windows to the truely bizzare. 



 Beautiful beaded necklaces....

 Fantastical The Chalk Farm.  If you get to Santa Fe you have to visit The Chalk Farm.  The specialize in visionary and surrealistic art.  Michael Parkes has always been a favorite but I'm in love with Vladamir Kush.  Amazing work...

 And a visit to the back lot at Seret and Sons to look at the architechtural pieces.  There are signs to not take pictures.  But I can't help myself...

 Ah....could it be....a strap and rivets holding two pieces of a door together

 Why....there is a whole door of them...hmmmm... 



 Cool sculptures by Chris Turri.  He makes these large outside sculptures and a whole series of wall hangings...

 Olive Oil in a casket at the Pop Gallery....

 Junker Jane dolls.  I loved these.  Lou thought they were ugly.  That's the point!!...

 African Tribal art.....these scare me...

 Rabbit creche scenes at the Davis Mather Fok Art Gallery...

 Something a little more risque...

 Tribal Art.....

 Space ships.....

 A purrrfect Star Liana York sculpture...

 Jewelry from Ortega' favorite jewelry store...

and let's not forget the Christmas lizard!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pictures of Santa Fe

Back from a long weekend in Santa Fe. We thought we might escape the snow but a storm came through as we arrived.  I think we brought the snow with us.  The drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe was an adventure in itself.  About 15 minutes out of ABQ, it started to snow and only got worse the further north we went.  Our average speed was 25.  It took about 2 hours to make a drive that normally takes about 45 minutes.  We were glad to get to the hotel. 

We dropped our luggage off and ran out to play in the snow.  Santa Fe is beautiful in the snow and it snowed all night. 

 The main square

 Columns wrapped with pine roping and covered with snow

 The gazebo in the square

A Bill Worrell Deer Shaman.  That big white orb is not the moon.  Its a snow flake...a very cool snow flake. 

We both love Worrell's work and stop in to look at his new pieces every year.  This year we did more than look.  We bought the one above.  He usually does bucks.  This one is a doe...a shamaness.  I can't wait to get her.  She is engraved on the back with a poem he wrote about her and the date and time she was complete.

Of course no trip to Santa Fe would be complete without dinner at The Shed.  This was our first dinner in Santa Fe.  I had been thinking about this meal for weeks.....guacamole and chips, cheese enchiladas, tacos, pinto beads, posole...oh...posole, and red and green chile.  All topped off with a hot fudge sundae...with homemade fudge sauce. 

I'm hungry!!! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Boy Boots....

I'm not a girly-girl....I'm sure some of you are snorting right now....STOP IT!!

I've always seen myself as a tom boy.  I don't wait for a man to do things for me that I can do myself.  In fact I've been know to push men out of the way if I think I can do something better.  I don't like girly baby or wedding showers...although I do go to them when I must.  I'd rather be home hammering on a piece of metal.

I would rather wear a faded pair of jeans and a henley than a dress.  I'll wear a skirt... if... I can wear a pair of cowboy boots with it.  My colors are more in the earthtones than pastels.  You will never see me in pink...I don't even look good in it.  Florals are not an option...except in a skirt...with a pair of cowboy boots.  A floral top...not going to happen.

So I have been drooling over a pair of Frye boots.  Frye's were the thing in the 70s and I always wanted a pair but somehow never got around to buying them...ever....until now.  I rewarded myself for the weight loss (30 lbs so far) and bought a pair of Engineer boots. 


I am in love.  They look great and I've worn them for a week straight with no sore feet or blisters.  I do kinda clomp along with them but that is even more reason for me to love them.  Reminds me of when I was a little girl and would walk around in my Dad's work boots.  Plus there is an air of gravity when you walk around it can't help it....they are heavy :))

So there you have it....I'm a card carrying tom boy wearing my first ever pair of Frye boots.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My first soldered ring...

In October/November I took a class with Brandon Holschuh at the Valley Arts Center.  Brandon is the author of  The Jeweler's Studio Handbook: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Working with Metal and Mixed Media Materials

The Jeweler's Studio Handbook: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for Working with Metal and Mixed Media Materials

I never really blogged about it because it was a really busy time.  If you ever get a chance to take a class with Brandon, I recommend it.  He is a kick for sure.  Full of energy and ready to share what he knows.  The class was even more fun since Brenda, Deb, Katie, Carmen, and Ann were also taking it.

 I had played with soldering only a couple times but never really made anything.  So the goal of this class for me was to make a ring.  I used one of the cabs I have from Gary Wilson and made the ring below.

It's not perfect. It's big for a pinky ring.  It was suppose to be for my ring finger but I cut the band too small.  The bezel was a challege to smooth down and I still need to work on it.  But it's OK...I'll take it for my first try.

This class did hook me on soldering.  With the price of silver so high I decided to turn in my silver scrap and use the credit to get a mini torch.