Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New texture sheets...

I've been working on some new designs for texture.  Last night I finally created the texture sheets.  I have the polymer clay tear-away technique down to a science.  I get amazing results.  Too bad they are discontinuing the type of polymer clay that it takes to create these sheets.  They contain phthaltes which is considered hazardous and since polymer clay is used by kids the company has discontinued this line. Personally I don't understand why they can't continue to create this line for artists and market it as such. 

I must have 50-60 texture sheets.  I'm need to go through them and decide which are my favorites.  I will eventually etch them in copper.  I've also been thinking about getting some of them made into stamps.  Anyone interested in stamps??

Like a kid with a new toy I was anxious to use the new sheets.  I blew through 200 grams of bronze tonight.  Some of the pieces are huge.  The jewelry I've been making has evolved into larger pieces on longer chains with lots of embellishments in the chain.  The chain is where I include all the cool African pieces I've picked up at Bead Paradise. 

I still have to finish off all the pieces that I started tonight.  I should have pics later this week.

funny pictures - hoooooooooooooooot


Katie Hanrahan said...

Can't wait to see your new textures brought to life in bronze! I much prefer etched copper or brass sheets for texturing than rubber stamps - but that's just my opinion. ;-)
Rock on, girlfriend!

Indigo Flameworks said...

I really want to try the tear-away texture technique. I have an old toner based Kyosera copy machine...I think it should work. What kind of paper do you use?? And I have some Sculpey III from a few years ago, so I guess it probably still has plasticizers...but is there clay still available on the market that works for tearaway?? Any suggestions. Your pieces are gorgeous. I'm wanting to do bases in fine silver for enameling.

Gail said...

Your old toner based copier should work. I use 32lb glossy Hammerhill paper. Studio by Sculpey is the clay that works right now. Do a google search and you can find places that still have stock they are selling.

Simply EVENTful said...

So cute!