Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A way to help the people of Haiti

Dr. Linda Graham is a vascular surgeon and Chair of the Biomedical Engineering department in the Research Institute where I work. She is truely an amazing woman. She was in New Orleans a couple of times after Katrina and she is now in a border town of Haiti with the International Medical Alliance. Here is a message from her husband who also works in the Research Institute.

"I heard from Linda last night. All is going well and she is operating all day every day. She is at a small clinic in Jimani, a border town in the Dominican Republic about 30 miles from Port-au-Prince. They are caring for about 2000 badly injured earthquake victims, with many more arriving every day. You can see her at work on the web site of the International Medical Alliance"

Here is a picture of Linda and another surgeon

You can help by donating to the International Medical Alliance so they can continue the work that they are doing in Haiti.

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