Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Blowing Fool

I bought a snow blower last night. The prediction for today was 6-10 inches of snow. Lou usually only shovels snow when I nag him and there are always those horrible stories of people dropping dead while shoveling snow. Even people in their 30s. So I decided it was time we had a snow blower.

Of course we didn't get the snow they predicted but it was worth it to see Lou cleaning the driveway last night. He was outside in his deck socks on and his pants kept creaping down. He was halfway down the driveway when I'm looking at butt crack. I just started laughing and went into the house.

So if your in Bay Vilage some day and you see some guy out there with no socks and his pants falling down....that just my snow blowing fool of a husband.

However, he was impressed at how quickly he was able to clear the driveway. His comment was..."look how long it didn't take me to clean the driveway".

This is from last February's snow storm.

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Katie said...

I'm sure Lou will have plenty of other opportunities to clean the drive this winter. Meanwhile, I'm glad we didn't get the snow and hey! the sun is shining today!!