Monday, June 16, 2008

The Weight of the World.... off my shoulders. I had my doctor's appointment today. I've been having chest pains and palpitations for a while now. And as a true healthcare professional....I avoided going to see someone about it. I had this physical scheduled so it was time to fess up. Seems it's a combination of stress and GERD. Since I don't have pain on exertion the doc wasn't that concerned. So I am going on some meds for the GERD and I'm having some blood tests done. We'll see what happens next. I was really scared and this has been a major wake-up call to get healthy.

On an even better note......I got into another show this Fall. It is the By Hand show at the IX center in Cleveland. It is a 3 day show in Novemberr and will run in conjunction with the Fabulous Food Show which pulls in 30,000 people. Attendance to the art show is free in hopes that this will attract people from the Food show to visit. What a better way to spend the day....eating and shopping for art.


Kay (UK) said...

Really glad you are OK I'm a bit of a blogaholic for art and jewellery blogs, but yours is always at the top of my list to visit.
Wishing you well with your health Gail.

meesh said...

i'm happy to hear you survived your appointments gail!

miss you. wish we didn't live so far apart.

i checked out the website for By Hand. it looks like a great show and combined with good food, what could be better?

hope the sun is shining on you.


Karen Elmquist said...

Hi Gail, glad to hear you're okay...and hope your show is wonderful.

Gail said...

Thanks for your comments!! No that the panic over my heart is over I can focus on the show.

Donna Picione said...

didn't you learn anything from my scare last year???

your as bad as me .....

I am happy all is well. Now we have to commit to telling our Drs. all .......

you are getting into some really big shows ...... good for you!!