Friday, June 6, 2008

The Teacher from Hell

Day 4 of B&B.

Took a class to learn how to put color on copper. Color in the form of pigments from Prismacolor pencils. It is a fun technique because it takes you back to childhood and coloring. I loved to color. I still do :)). So this was a fun project in and of itself. The class combined copper and PMC for a dual layered pendant that is riveted together. We were provided prepped pieces of copper and a packet of PMC. Our task was to create a PMC backing for the copper, color on the copper and then rivet the 2 pieces together.

Content Deleted.....

After we got the info on how to finish the piece, Cris and I took off. We went up to Anne's classroom and used her kiln for the PMC pieces. We didn't want to disturb her class so we wheeled it out into the hallway. Picture the 2 of us sitting on the floor in the hallway next to a kiln blasting up to 1650 degrees C. I was waiting for someone to come along and bust us.

One picture to leave you with. Gotta love a lady with the fashion sense to have red and purple hair and wear 2 different colored clogs....purple and orange. She did have me in practically rolling on the floor laughing....but I was laughing with her...not at her....OK....I was laughing at her. But only because this will be me in a few years.

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