Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hot, Wet, and Sticky

Sounds like a porno movie....but that is the weather for this weekend. I hate weather like this...but I now have air-conditioning so I don't care. I have a ton of housework to do so staying inside isn't such a bad idea. I don't think I've cleaned in a month. I went from B&B to getting ready for a show so housework took a back seat. One of my guilty pleasures is watching "How Clean is Your House" on the BBC channel. They go into some of the worst rat holes I have ever seen and clean them up. There was one show that actually made me gag. They took 4.2 tons of garbage out of this guys house. When I watch it I never make it through a whole show because I feel guilty and get up and clean.

Lou is out of town so it's a chick weekend. I kinda like these weekends because I can do whatever I want, eat what and when I want, watch movies without someone moaning over my selections. So far I've watched "Dan in Real Life"...sweet, "Becoming Jane"....sad and "PS, I Love You"....Gerard Butler is soooooooo HOT with the crooked mouth and Scottish accent. But the downside is the house is empty.

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