Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Have I really been here for 3 days....

It can't be. My first class finished today. Here is a pic of the pendant and necklace that I made. This project was so awesome.

I wasn't as productive as some. I finshed a necklace, pressure set pendant, a silver bezel wrapped stone and a few clasps. Others completed a second pressure set pendant. But I am happy with what I accomplished. I got to work with sheet metal and brush up on my sawing, filing and riveting. I also managed to burn a hole in the conference room rug when a hot piece of silver slipped out of my tongs and across the room. Just about took out Anne. She was fast jumping out of the way and fast at grabbing my tongs and pulling the piece up off the carpet. I now have the distinction of being the first student in her 8+ years of teaching to trash her training room. Woo Hoo...I'm a person of distinction :)))))

This is the amazing Anne doing a demo on how to fuse the multiple prong setting. Below are two pics front and back of a piece that she created.

And here is my BFF Cris with a mix of "aha" and "that's so cool" look on her face as she watched Anne fire the pendant.

Tomorrw Cris, Gigi, Henriette and I are in a class together to learn how to put color on copper. There are some amazing pieces that have been done with this technique. Then we have a meet the teachers gathering in the evening....another full day. I am already exhausted.



Anonymous said...

Hi Gail, fantastic blog, and awesome pendant. To say I'm green is an understatement, I'm positively Emerald.
We have some great teachers here in the UK, but nowhere near the resource of teaching you have in the US.
I've recently started some beginner level fusing myself after reading Liz Jones' book, so I can appreciate how wonderful it would be to be in a class learning advanced techniques.
I think I'll get Anne's DVD when it comes out, it's not cheap having an addiction to jewellery making is it?

Gail said...

It is an expensive obession but a fun one!! You should come over to Bead and Button next year. It is well worth the money. You learn so much and get an opportunity to meet so many other people with the same interests.