Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm back....

The show went well. The weather was great (at least until Saturday). Friday was beautiful and by far my best day. A number of the girls from the PMC group and the hospital stopped in for a visit. Saturday was much slower and the weather turned bad. About an hour before the show was suppose to end the promoter ran around and told everyone to breakdown and do it fast as a severe storm was on its way. Luckily I wasn't doing this alone. Lou and I scrambled to get all the jewelry put away and break down the displays and tent. Lou ran to get the truck and it started to pour rain, but we got out before it got really bad.

I had a great time people watching. Cleveland is split by the Cuyahoga River and the neighborhoods on either side of the river are distinct. It is a running joke in Cleveland that to cross the river you have to have your passport stamped. I live on the west side and what I really noticed is that the women on the east side LOVE their hats. All kinds of hats....small straw hats, big floppy hats, baseball caps. There was one woman in particular that I would have loved to take a picture of as a fashion DON'T. She was 60ish, overweight and wearing a clingy knit top and short skirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and let's just say its been a long time since anything on her has been considered "perky". She topped off her ensemble with a big floppy hat with rhinestones. You would have been truly proud of me as I did not point and laugh.....although I wanted to.

Below are some pics of my display. I was able to open up the back of the tent to let the air flow through.

Close up of my trees that I am hanging necklaces from

This is the view out the back of my tent. I was located on the inside of a circular drive. The building in the background is part of the private school.

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