Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bundle of Nerves

That's what I am today. I have problems with panic attacks. I can usually handle things and keep them in perspective. But I have a hell of a week coming up. I have a doctors appointment on Monday. Even a normal check-up freaks me out. Seems silly since I work in a hospital but when I am the patient I have a dreaded fear of white coats. Then to add to the terror I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday. On Thursday I have to set up for the show. Friday is a 10-8 at the show and Saturday is 10-6 at the show. I'm doing it by myself which isn't a problem except if I need a break. Usually what I do is take something to eat that won't spoil in the a peanut butter sandwich and some drinks. I don't leave my booth. Which sucks in a way because there are a couple of vendors I'd like to see. Hopefully I will have nice neighbors so I can at least take bathroom breaks.

Lou and I just got done doing a trial run on setting up the tent. I wasn't so bad. It is not an easy pop-up tent. It definetly takes two people to get the frame to size. We put the top on. It now stays on for the duration. I have to put on the sides once we get it set up and weigh it down. I have sandbags that came with the tent that hold 40lbs of sand and you attach them to each leg. But to be on the safe side I think I am going to get some tent stakes too.

I can't wait until next Sunday when it is all over!!! I have a guild meeting on Sunday and it will be good to see everyone again.

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Cristina said...

I don't like doctors either, funny huh? Don't be nervous about your show though. You'll do great!