Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Continental Bitch

So we booked our tickets to Paris today. We tried to book them over the phone but the woman from Continental was a total bitch. Lou gave her the dates and she asked if we were ready to book and he said yes. She asked for his credit card number and after giving it to her she then informed us what flights we were on. I said "NO" those are not the flights that I want. I have never had a rep do that to me before. They always ask if there is a particular time that you want to fly and then try to find flights that will work. It's usually a back and forth until you find the right combination of flights. This bealzabub started to tell Lou that the combination of flights that I wanted weren't "married" in her system and to book the flights that I wanted would be an extra charge of $250 per person because she had to special request them. At this point I ripped the phone out of Lou's hand and ask her why she couldn't give me those flights since I was looking at the Continental website and they were clearly "married" on the website. She kept talking over me and wouldn't listen. She told me we were already booked and I told her that I didn't want the flights that she had given us and asked again why she couldn't give me the combination I wanted since it was clearly on the web site. She suggested that if I could get the combination on the website then perhaps I should book it on the website. She said she would void the booking and I specified that she needed to void it without a charge on our card and she got even snottier and said "Fine" she would void it without a charge on the card. I was about ready to ask for her supervisor but let it go....but I was fuming for about an hour. I then hopped on the internet and booked the exact flight combination that we wanted and upgraded to business class wth Lou's frequent flyer miles. But I am still pissed. She tried to force flights on us and then got difficult when I wouldn't allow her to do this. I figure she voided the flight with a fight so I didn't get her supervisor involved.

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Katie said...

You should still report her. Send a letter to Continental telling them of your experience and request that they train their phone reps to be POLITE and ACCOMODATING to the customer! Especially one with as many frequent flyer miles as Lou has!!