Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Dinner

We went out to dinner last night with Lou's son and his wife's family and Lou's daughter and grandson came along. We went to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Cleveland. It was a great time but there is one moment in particular that nobody will forget. Matty is 2 years old and Rachel was feeding him bits and pieces of the appetizers. When the main course came it had a dish with it that contained guacamole, a chucky tomato salsa, and sour cream as condiments. Matty pointed to the salsa so Rachel gave him some. We really weren't paying all that much attention....but Matty's brow furrowed, his eyes welled up with tears and he started kicking his legs and rocking back and forth in his highchair going "ah, ah, ah". Turns out he got a bit of something really hot. Being the kind and loving people that we all are......we sat there and laughed our butts off. When Rachel gave him something to drink he was gulping it down. It was priceless.

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