Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to work.....

Back to work today....what a drag. Got an e-mail from one of the scientists today telling me that he had been fired last week.....ouch. But I saw that one coming. Other than that it was quiet and everyone left me along to catch up on e-mails and paperwork. I couldn't last 8 hours. Luckily I am salaried so I cut out early. I'll make it up some other day I'm sure.

I'm also back at the bench. Cranking out the jewelry for my show on the 20th. Can't wait until that is over. Just the thought of it is making me nervous. It's my first outdoor tent show. I've never set up the tent before so Lou and I need to do a practice set-up this weekend. Cornering him to do anything on the weekend is a challenge as he is always off golfing. I usually don't mind as I like to do my own thing on the weekends too. So I will be the "bad" wife this weekend and make him help me out. He'll pout but he'll just have to get over it. OHH...I really am getting bitchy. Luckily he doesn't read my blog :))

Yesterday I was feeling lonely for the girls of Milwaukee....Cris, Anne, Karen, Michele, Gigi. I was having flashes of sitting around laughing till we cried. I started to empty out my tool suitcase and ran across the kiln brick covered in a newspaper advertisement for bras. The night before I had been complaining that I don't have the right cleavage....not like Gigi's. This lead to a long discussion of getting the right bra and Anne talking about her life scarring incident with an 80 year old bra fitter who sized her for a bra by feeling her up. Here are a few pics that I took in the bar of the girls and a nice pic of Cris and her hubby Paul.

Gigi, Cris and Anne

Henriette, Gigi, and Cris

Cris and Paul showing off their fancy drinks at The King and I restaurant. Everyone was trying to convince Cris and I that the blue color in our drinks was windex. All I know was that it tasted good!!!


Patricia said...

Hi Gail,
Sorry I missed you at the show. But it sure looks like you had a great time! And hung out with some great people!. Bead people are the best aren't they.
If your using a pop up tent for your show, once you have it open enough that it stands by itself and you can get under it, push up that center point and that should push the legs out all at once. And get one of those ratchet belts and that dog leash holder to hold the tent down at night. If your having the weather we're having your going to need it. Let me know if you need a better description.
What did you decide to use for a display?
Oh, and whatever happened with that bitch woman that stopped payment on 3 bracelets? Hope you got your money.

Karen Elmquist said...

You know it toally WAS windex!!