Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Look Out the Window

 I took this pic because Stacey had posted one from her window....palm trees and blue skies in California.  Well this is icicles and grey skies in Cleveland.  And it's been cold.  This is the time of year when one day just blends into the next.

I've been puttering around trying to shed some of the flotsom I've accumulating over the years.  I started with the scrap silver that I've had laying around for years. I now have almost $600 credit at Rio ... NICE!!  I also need to clean out my stash of lampwork beads.

I need to go through my closet too.  I now have pants that don't fit becasue they are too large....rather than being too small.  WOOHOO!!!.  I'm down 35 lbs and still working.  Although it's been hard since it's gotten cold.  All I want is comfort food....and those usually blow the WW points. 

One of these days I have to get back to the metal clay bench.  I've decided not to do any summer shows so I don't have any pending deadlines, but I do have some ideas for new designs that I'd like to start working on.  I at least need to get them down on paper. 

I've also got about 10 books I want to skim through and review.  I need to set my mind to do one a week.  So how about book reveiw Thursday.  Stay tuned and I will review some new books.  The first will be this Thursday (hopefully). 

There's a snag in the trip to that they've moved the meeting back to Belgium.  But that may still work out.  Don't know how yet... I might spending three days in Brussels while Lou finishes his meeting...or maybe I'll fly straight to Paris and he can meet me there.  HMMM...what would I do with three days all to myself in either Brussels or Paris :)))  We'll see.



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Katie Hanrahan said...

Have you ever been to Brussels? If not, go there! You've been to Paris and I know you LOVE it, but a chance to explore a new place is always fun and inspiring! I know you'll have a blast either way!