Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Day with Robert

My piece....I just finished watching The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency filmed in Botswana.

Yesterday was spent with Robert Dancik. There were 12 of us in class. A fun bunch to be sure!! This was the third class I've taken with Robert. Working with the Faux Bone was fun and I did tube rivets for the first time. Funny to think of some of the common techniques that I've never tried. Robert had me use an eyelet setter to start the flaring of the rivet. It worked really well.

 From front to back...Cathy, Mary Ann, Jen, and Robert in the background...all enjoying the day.

Robert demoing for the group 


Cathy sawing with such a big smile...I told her she looked much to serious and she started laughing. 

 Another demo.  Using a tin can as a bracelet mandrel for the faux bone.

The group and below is some of the work

 One of the coolest pieces is this bracelet made by Pat.  It is Faux Bone with alcohol inks used for the colors.


Katie Hanrahan said...

We had loads of fun today with Robert - a much smaller group (5) but what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality! ;-) Had SO much fun!

Cathy said...

Oh yeah, it was a blast...

Barbara Bariggs Designs said...

Wow, how lucky you were to take a class with Robert Dancik. I hope to take one at next year's Bead&Button show, but it will have to be a class with a new twist. I've been working with FauxBone already and love it. Perhaps, he'll be teaching making beads with Plexigas...I think I'd like to experiment with that!