Sunday, September 26, 2010


Busy day today.  Three loads of laundry, went to the computer store, the office supply store, the drug store, the auto parts store, the grocery store, made jambalaya and blew through 400 grams of bronze clay. 

I needed some quick things to make for the show coming up in November so I pulled out the coins molds for pendants and made more connectors.  This time instead of carving, I pressed the connectors between a cuniform tablet and a mold of the tablet.  The effect was cuniform in bas-relief on one side and sunken relief on the other. 

I started to call them Cinna-Sticks.  Only you wouldn't want to eat these...but I might lick them once they are out of the kiln.  You know how I am with shiny things...they're all lickable to me.


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Katie Hanrahan said...

Love these sticks you've been making. BTW, you promised me your jambalaya recipe!! Please?