Monday, August 10, 2009


I finally had a chance to go through a large package of stamps I picked up in a flea market in Paris....two years ago. I do things like something with grand ideas of what I'll make and then it sits....sometimes for years without touching it. These have been nagging at me.....hanging around in the back of my mind. So I got them out and sorted through them. Mostly there are stamps from Europe and Asia. There were some old American stamps and quite a few Queen Elizabeth stamps.

Here are a few of my favorties.

I especially like the four chicks from Republik Offerreich (Republic of Austria). I think it's time to do something with these.

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Susan Dilger said...

I have SO many of these types of things and the very same good intentions! :-) I have matchbook cover papers too. I've been itching to get to them too, but have a show to prep for first. MUST STAY FOCUSED! Anxious to see where your play heads!