Friday, August 7, 2009

Healthcare Reform and Men without Shirts

Excuse me while I rant.......

Healthcare Reform.....WTF?? As a country...why can't we have a conversation about this without looking like a bunch of morons. The fact that a subset of people won't allow town halls to occur in an open and respectful manner says way too much about this country. Somewhere along the line a large part of the population have lost their brain cells. They are buying into the fear and hate mongering that is being spewed from the mouths of political pundits.

And what's with Rush Limbaugh (excuse me while I spit) comparing the logo for the health plan with the Nazi swastika.

If the man even had half a brain he would know that the portion of the logo he is referring to is called a caduceus and comes from Greek mythology. That symbol has been associated with healing and medicine since around 1200 BC. "First do no harm" is a rule of conduct that is taught in medical schools. Maybe Rush ought to consider this rule before he opens his big mouth...but then...if he did....he'd be mute.

And what is it that makes men think it is acceptable to take their shirts off in public. I mean really....unless you are in your 20s and have 6-pack abs....keep the shirt on. Nobody wants to see your grey haired, flabby, sagging, wrinkly chest. I saw some guy jogging today without a shirt....come're old, you're wrinkled..... and you're carrying a golf putter??? What is that all about? To beat the women off??? Or just to beat the women.....when they fall down laughing.

AHHH....I feel better.


Cris Leonard said...

Man, am I still allowed to wear shorts around you since I'm over 40 and decidedly pudgy?

Gail said...

Yes but you keep your shirt on in public...well...I think you flashed me in Santa Fe but that was in the room :))

Elaine said...

I have an imaginary charity, The Elaine Luther Charity for Men Who Need To Put on a Shirt. Volunteers hand out T-shirts to the men and ask them to put it on.

I'm not sure what the T-shirt should say though.

Anonymous said...

YEAH Gail! Well said! Remember Rush is also a druggie... oh yeah he has enough money to get off, but maybe those drugs destroyed his brain. But yes why can't we have a rational conversation about health care... why can't we just have the facts? And why we are at it, let's take away the congress and senate medical plans until they do something good!
Ok, I feel better too!

Katie said...

Here Here!!! Yeah, what she said!!

Cathy said...

Rant away, I'm with you all the way!

bethbricker said...

OMG I love this! I totally agree what's up with fat old men anyway?
Rush included.