Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cleveland Photos

I left work early on Friday and had a chance to snap some photos that I've been wanting to take. The first is the side of an abandoned building with a really cool pointing hand sign on the wall.

As I pulled down the street I saw another abandoned building. I wanted to get closer to this one....but that wasn't an option. Not just because there was a fence. The pictures were taken on one of the streets I occassionaly drive down to get to work. Employee's take shortcuts through the surrounding neighborhoods to get to work faster. This neighborhood happens to be ranked the 20th most dangerous in the US. I drive through it every day so it doesn't really seem that bad. But I'm not dumb enough to get out of the car and walk around.

Then I drove over to Tremont to see Saint Theodosious. Cleveland is a steel town...or maybe "was" is a better term. Tremont is located close to the steel mills. The neighborhood is old and has an industrial edge to it. It's become the site of a number of great restaurants and some trendy boutiques.

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Katie said...

Cool pictures Gail. There's lots of great old architecture in Cleveland. Unfortunately, some of it has been (or is about to be) torn down. :(
Isn't St. T's in Tremont the church that was used in The Deer Hunter movie? I seem to remember that it was.
Missed you Sunday :(