Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Bronze Pieces

Been doing some experimenting altering pics with Photoshop's stamp feature ... stamperizing. Then making tear-aways. Below is a piece from the Louvre...he reminds me of Ollie from Kukla, Fran, and Ollie. This one may be too busy to make a good bronze piece or maybe I need to play with the image a bit to clean it up and emphasis specific lines.

This is a stained glass window in Saint Pierre de Montmarte in Paris.

I have a couple other pieces I haven't fired yet. I'll get to those later this week. I think I need to work with the original images, clean up the lines a bit and retry these.

Below is a piece for the workshop I'm doing. I took the lyrics to La Vie en Rose and printed them out using a really fun font and hung parts of the song from the bottom of the pendant


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Great idea Gail. I might just spend the rest of the day in Photoshop now. Love the La Vie En Rose pendant.

Susan Dilger said...

LOVE the La Vie En Rose pendant! Very cool. Haven't seen it on the group yet. I just started playing with Tear away and carved polymer plates for my Rock Art series. Great fun!!!

Katie said...

Would this be the workshop for our PMC Guild Chapter meeting? Can't wait!!

Cathy said...

Again, very cool. I was trying to play by the rules in the workshop group... offering a suggestion... but I really like this just as it is!