Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little more bronze

So I worked on a project over the weekend. The inspiration was an abstract painting by Paul Brent of a suspension bridge.

The idea was not to duplicate it but to use it as inspiration. I was surprised and happy with the direction it took and I can see this becoming a series. Of course the first thing I thought about after I did this piece was to use a map of Paris as the frame and embed a picture of the Eiffel Tower in resin. I have a one-track mind.....Paris, Paris, Paris.

Lou rolls his eyes when I talk about Paris. So he blew me away yesterday when he suggested we go to Paris the first week of December. It's our 10 year wedding anniversay and we were talking about going back to Santa Fe where we were married. Out of the blue he suggested Paris and he's excited about it. It's not the location so much as the time of year. He wants to see Europe at Christmas time. Now it's up to me if we go there or go to SantaFe .... hmmm .... decisions, decisions. What do you think....Paris or Santa Fe??


Maggie S. said...

Gail, this piece is wonderful! Gorgeous and evocative. I love the idea of a series.

Re: Santa Fe or Paris, I'd definitely choose Paris this time. Show Lou why Paris is magical for you (and for so many other people!). Then you can take a long weekend in Santa Fe for your 11th anniversary. ;)

Vickie Hallmark said...

I love both Paris and Santa Fe, but I'd still pick Paris.

The piece is outstanding. I love the idea of a map on the frame. Reminds me of my window lockets -- not that I'm not already obsessed!

Resin is on my list of things to play with.

Kira said...


Great idea, totally different from your other work. I'd be careful with the map stuff though, there's lots of "resin map" jewelry out there right now, its almost cliche.

Jason A. Lannum said...

Great work Gail...When are we gonna hang out?

Katie said...

Cool piece Gail! I really like it and would love to see a series. I think you're onto somethin' kiddo!

As for your anniversary... PARIS!!!!! Are you nuts? Of COURSE it's Paris!! You can do Santa Fe any old time but Paris?!?!!? Ooooo la la!!

Gail said...

Thanks for all the comments on the piece. And I think it might be Paris.

Hey Kira...good to hear from you. I like your blog and your enamel pieces are great.

HappyDayArt! said...

PARIS at Christmas!!! It would be spectacular. He IS a romantic! Lucky you!


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Don't even joke about it Gail! You don't want the gremlins who live in the airline computers to think you're serious and switch the reservation to the desert!

By the by, do you think I'd fit in your luggage? I won't take up much room.