Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tired, tired, and more tired

I wish I could go to bed now...but I need to put some earrings together. I ran out of time to make chains for some of the pendants so I sat at the show and strung some up using Fairy Ribbon...which I didn't know was the name of those hand-dyed silk ribbons. I bought a bunch at B&B in very muted earthy tones and they go really well with the bronze.

A pretty good show considering the economy. We go again tomorrow from 11-5. The weather was beautiful...but it did threaten to rain at the end of the day. When I shut the tent down I made sure I protected anything that might absorb water should it rain hard tonight. Hopefully it won't but I'll arrive early tomorrow to get everything in shape.

The response to the bronze clay has been great. People like the earthy tones and ancient look the pieces have....which is what I love about it.

People watching is always great at these shows. There seemed to be just as many dogs there as people. I looked up once to see a grey hound sticking his head up over the table checking out the jewelry :) He was partial to the silver.


Cathy said...

Wishing you a fabulous day today... and I'm so impressed that you were able to blog through all of this -with your brother's surgery on top of it all!

For every show I do, there are unfinished pieces (remember they'll be ready to assemble for the next show). I do exactly what you did... make tons of stuff, then realize I don't have enough time to put it all together. I always come up with new designs at the last minute–and ALWAYS think I can make them in time. Now, hopefully you're smarter than I am... I've done this for 10 years. Have I learned? Nope. Still do it :-)

Can't wait to hear all about it. Just breathe.


Katie said...

We ALL do this!! But I figure it gives us something to do while we're at the show instead of just sitting there with a smile plastered on our faces. Besides, people like to see an artist at work. ;-)

Cris Leonard said...

Good Luck with all of your shows! Have fun!