Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Insurance companies are a pain

So the adjuster can't make it out to look at the damages until next Monday. We have to wait to have any repairs done until after he graces us with his presence. In the meantime I have a hole in my ceiling. I will have a hole in my ceiling for 11 days until he can get to us. You would think that being a customer for 22 years for both house and car insurance we could get decent service. But I've discovered someting....there is no "customer" in insurance.....there is only "hostage". Since we are relying on them to cover the costs of repairs we are at their mercy....which is crap. Quite honestly I can afford to pay for the repairs without the insurance company and I am tempted to get the roof reparied, tell the insurance company to kiss off, and then change companies. But they owe us so I will wait until the adjuster can show up....actually Lou will wait for him to show up next Monday....because if I had to stay home for him....he might have a large hole ripped into his anatomy. And I still might change insurance companies.

I spent tonight working in bronze again...making little pieces parts for earrings and very simple necklaces. The kiln will run overnight. This is my third load in a couple days. I have less than two weeks until the next show....my last show for the summer.

I have love/hate feelings about doing shows. I get nervous leading up to a show...will I have enough jewelry to sell, will the weather be good, will I have customers. Setting up takes a lot of energy. When I was a child I used to play Shopkeeper. I would set up an imaginary store and sell things. Now I do it for real....so I always get to a point during set-up when I think back on that and feel very content. It's fun to get to know your neighbor artists at shows and the customers are always interesting. Even if they don't buy they are fun to talk with...and watch. The hours are usually long...10 hour days...on your feet....very few, if any, breaks for food or the bathroom. When the show is over everyone happily breaks down to go home...but it's also a little sad that this community that's been created will no longer be....until the next show:)

I got an e-mail from the promoter of the Hathaway Brown show. Attendance was down 35%. The weather was a big factor in the drop. As an incentive and encouragement to not give up during this economy, all the artists who did this year's show will automatically be in next year's show. We don't have to jury in for 2010. That's cool. So I already have a show lined up for next year.


Lore said...

Sorry to know about your insurance! You have to change it, they have to be on your side 100%, you paid for THAT.
I have been lucky to have an insurance that has really be there for us.

Good luck on your next show!

Elaine said...

I love it, no customers, just hostages!

Katie said...

Insurance companies (of ALL kinds) suck. They're in it for the $$$ and they don't care about the person behind the payment. They have you by the short hairs and they know it. I would definitely change insurance companies and tell this jerk exactly why you are changing. Not that he'll care...

Can you tell I don't like insurance companies? ;-)

Susan Dilger said...

Good news on the 2010 show, first. Second, once this is "over" please post the name of the insurance company. They deserve the publicity! I agree you should change insurance companies as well. I would also tally up (roughly) how much you spent over the years and when you write your "Dear John" letter (and copy it to headquarters) I'd be sure to quote that number along with your story of your displeasure. If nothing else, it will make you feel better.

Katie said...

Oh, Gail - congrats on the HB show for next year! Sorry, in my ranting I forgot to say that before! Meanwhile, onward & upward to Cain Park!! :)