Friday, June 19, 2009

One of those days

I set up the tent in the rain but it wasn't so bad. Once up I do all my setup under the tent so I didn't get too wet. But while I was cutting up some double sided tape, I snipped my finger. The cut wasnt' too bad but it was gushing blood and I was getting it all over the place. I flicked my hand an blood flew got on the side of the tent. I couldn't help but laugh.....CSI: Shaker Heights. I actually took pictures of it but left the camera in the tent.

So I did alot of assembly today...extra pieces for the show. I also put a load in the kiln. Previously fired items that I wanted to put a different color on. I was bringing a somewhat warm container up from the laundry room using that pan removal fork. The cat constantly tries to run down into the garage so as I came through the door I tried to shoo her away from the door.....and tripped. It was like slow motion watching the lid of the pan fly off and the carbon go flying into the air and all over the kitchen floor. Of course the cat had this oh so innocent look on her face.

One of those days.


Cathy said...

How do they do that? What? Me? meow...

Hope to see you this weekend, I need to get out of the studio for a bit... my vitamin D levels are waning! ;-)

Wishing you big sales!


Vickie Hallmark said...

Oh, I can just see that carbon fountain!! Is it funny yet?

Susan D said...

Yikes! What a day. Doing a bit too much, lady???
Hope the show is a good one for you!

Katie said...

Okay, so you might want to think about trying to get different colors using a torch! Less mess and if the cats get in the way... they'll get the singed fur, not you! ;-)

It's noon and the rain has stopped. Here's hoping you have a dry day for the show!