Monday, June 8, 2009

Back Home

Wow....that week flew by and I am exhausted. My normal week is very busy during the day but I have time in the evening to decompress. I am the type of person that needs quiet time every day. A week at B&B knocks me out of kilter. Up early...all day classes...drinks...dinner...more drinks and late to bed. But since I only get to see these wonderful women once a year..... I soaked up every minute of it and loved it.

I am now getting ready for an art show on Saturday and Sunday. I have to take Friday off so I can set up the booth. Tonight I am spending time goign through all my crates to make sure that I have everything I will need. I want to do this early in the week so there are no crisis runs to the hardware store.

Hopefully I will have some time later to post some more pics from B&B.


Cathy said...

Good plan and good luck! Hope ABF is awesome for you... thinking good weather thoughts ;-)

Katie said...

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend so it should be a FABULOUS show! I know you'll do well, Gail, because your stuff is so awesome! I'll see you Saturday morning as I have volunteered to hand out the coffee and muffins! ;-)