Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lots to be done....

We've filed a claim with the insurance company about the damage to the house. The roofers have been out and put a tarp up over that part of the roof. From the street it looks like we are a huge blue tent on the roof. The tree service has come out to discuss taking out the offending tree. Lou cleaned up the back yard and all the broken tree parts are now in the front yard for the city to pick up. A tree is down a street over and half a tree is down a block my damage seems minimal.

Although the insurance will cover damages to the house it won't cover taking out the tree. It's in a precarious spot. About 5 feet away from the back of the house, next to some power lines, in a land-locked back yard. They want to set up the crane in the neighbors front yard and take out the fence between our backyard and the other neighbors house so they can get a big truck in the back. It's not going to be cheap....but it is necessary. The tree is beyond it's prime and is a danger to our house and the neighbors. I don't want to be here when they do it. They will take down the higher branches and when all they have left is the trunk....they are going to take it out at the base and drop it into the back yard.

Once all the outside work is done we will get someone to come in to repair the hole in my studio ceiling and then replacement windows for the upstairs. Sometimes is takes something like this to make you get things moving.

I'm still getting ready for the show in July. The kitty alarm clock woke me up at 8AM be fed. And I stayed up. AMAZING. I usually sleep in. But I haven't had a chance to do that in almost 6 weeks so maybe I've broken that habit. It would be nice to be one of those early risers. So I worked until 1PM in my studio. I blew through 200 grams of bronze. Mostly little pieces to make earrings and accent pieces but I did make 9 medallions as a base for lampwork beads. Those have been popular. They are in the kiln right now. This is when I could use a second kiln because I have another load ready to go. It will go in tomorrow morning.

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Katie said...

Well, it sounds like a lot of work being done at the house but it will be good once it's done. You won't have to worry the next time we have a storm!

Be sure to show us pics of the new pieces!!