Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bringing the outdoors in.....

might be a good idea on HGTV (Thanks Elaine :)), but not a good idea when mother nature decides to blow 60 mph winds through a 200 year old forest.

You just knew it was going storm....90+ degrees and the air was as thick as pea soup. I got home just as it hit. I'm no stranger to chunks of trees falling down during storms. If you live in Bay Village with all the old trees it is just part of summer. If you're lucky they don't hit anything. I wasn't so lucky tonight. A large section of a tree came down...hit the top roof and bounced off onto the back patio....but not before punching a hole in the roof and ceiling of my studio. In the process it smashed a window.

The tree will be history. It is very old and the pieces that are falling off are dry. This is the third time it has done damage...the other two were to the neighbors house and fence. Three strikes and it's coming down. Sad but necessary before it does more extensive damage.

I've already left a message for the insurance agent. Tomorrow I will call the roofers, the tree company, and since the window is smashed I am going to have replacement windows put in the upstairs. Damn good thing I just paid off all my credit cards....cause they are going to be smokin' when I get done.

Here are the pics

I'm grateful it wasn't worse.


Susan Dilger said...

GEEZ, good thing you weren't sitting there at the time! Glad you weren't hurt! Good luck getting it all straightened out!

Laithia said...

ooh yikes..glad you are safe though!

Katie said...

Hope the kitties weren't traumatized to pieces... poor little things, they were probably hiding under a bed or something (I would be!). Hope things get back to 'normal' soon!

HappyDayArt! said...

It's so weird. I was out in my yard yesterday, wind was blowing and I was thinking about a tall tree we have and wondering what it would take for it to be knocked down and what the damage would be.

Ouch! Your studio! I hope you can still work and that you are able to fix the roof quickly.

You have my sympathy.


Cathy said...

wow... I knew the storm was crazy, but didn't realize how much worse it was over on your side of town! Your poor studio... your poor house... your poor credit cards!

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, Gail, thank God is right! Are you able to work at your bench at all now? So glad YOU are OK.