Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One down....two to go

Art by the Falls went very well. The weather was great and my sales were on par with last year. I think people are still buying but being more selective in their purchases.

So the rumor of the show was that Wolfgang Puck's ex-wife (but still business partner) showed up and purchased 20 glass wine bottle stoppers at $40 each from one of the vendors. Why she would have been in Cleveland is beyond me...but that was the rumor.

Brandon Holschuh, author of The Jeweler's Studio Hanbook, was an exhibitor at the show. He stopped and looked at my work in BronzClay. That was very cool.

It's always interesting watching people. There are always a few that catch the eye. First ...the dogs....everyone brought their dogs. Big dogs...one great dane was so tall his back came up to my waist. I walked out of the booth to get a look at him. Also small dogs....one person was pushing their dog in a stroller.

The other thing that caught my attention....unfortunately....guys in their bicycle shorts....the spandex kind. UGH. What makes them think it is acceptable to walk around in public a spandex outfit. It they had been handsome and buff it would have be another story. But that is never they case. They are always pouchy and saggy and the shorts leave nothing to the imagination....which for these guys should have been another reason not to wear them.

Then there was the 70+ year old woman wearing a black mini skirt and knee-high leather boots. When your knees need a face lift... you might want to re-think the mini. But who am I to talk. I have redwood trees for legs and would kill to have skinny legs and wear a short skirt....or any skirt for that matter.

The rest of the week I will be getting ready for the show at Hathaway Brown. Lou will help me pop the tent on Thursday and the show runs Friday and Saturday. I'm looking forward to Sunday....first day off in a couple weeks.

Other news....I was accepted into the By Hand show in November. This is a nice show and is coupled with the Fabulous Food Show. With that I have achieved one of my goals I set a few years ago....which was to be in 6 shows. I know that many artists do this in a season...but for me it is an acheivement. Just like the summer shows....the three fall shows are all in the same month. I am a glutton for punishment.

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Katie said...

It was definitely good people & dog watching at ABF. Did you see that HUGE white fluffy dog? Some kind of Pyrriniesse or something? MASSIVE!! His feet were as long as my arm! And some of the clothes people wore (and make-up!)... Quite an interesting crowd. ;-)

Congrats on the By Hand show and on achieving your goal!! You are going to be one tired puppy by the end of 2009!