Sunday, June 21, 2009

HB show

Glad the show is over. I did well considering the traffic was down. Last year there seemed to be so many more people. Could have been the economy or it could have been the weather. Friday morning when I got there it was raining and the wind was driving the rain directly into my tent. I couldn't even open up the front panel. But by opening time the rain stopped. So we opened up and let things dry out. It started to rain again about 6PM. Friday night it poured. I was worried about what I would come back to on Saturday.....but the tent was still there. One of the vendors had their tent blown 18" from where it was the day before. It stopped when it bumped into the next tent. So it seems there were some very high winds Friday night....which may explain why my tent was all bent up.

We didn't notice it until we collapsed the tent and for some reason the frame was askew and wouldn't come together. When we took a good look there were at least 3 support bars that were bent. Lou grabbed ahold of the frame and forced it together.....very proud of himself that he did this. I lifted up the canopy and pointed out that one of the supports had broken. Luckily the manufacturer sells replacement parts so I have to get those ordered up right away so I have a functional tent for Cain Park.

Tomorrow after work I get back to making pendants and earring parts. I have three weeks to build up my stock for the next show.

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Katie said...

So glad it turned out so well. I was afraid the weather would spoil the whole show. Too bad about the tent! Hope you can get it repaired quickly and that Cain Park is dry and crowded with people wanting to spend!