Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bead And Button...Wednesday

Today Cris and I took a day off to see a little of Milwaukee. We found a bead store...yes we went in and shopped. You never know where you are going to find the perfect bead:). We went over to the historic third ward to do some window shopping. They have some great shops and restaurants. Definetely worth the trip. Later we hooked up with Gigi and Henriete for some dinner at the Capital Grill...great steaks. Then we went on to Meet the Teachers where we had a chance to see some other friends and say hello to teachers we've had before. Here's a pic of the girls

Some of you have asked for more info on the pendant I made. It's a combo of metal clay, resin, and faux bone. The metal clay is silver with a heavy patina. The front is actually one piece that was made from a mold of an antique button. Very cool...very dimensional.

The solder used in the soldering class was silver solder. We used it on everything...even when we played with the bronze jump rings. But Rio has a copper solder. Mark is going to send Cris and I a sample of it to try.

Back to class tomorrow. We are in a metal weaving class with Susan Lenart Kazmer....always a good time.

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Katie said...

the four muskateers!! Great picture of all of you! Wasn't B&B a blast?!?