Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More on Bead and Button

The time just flies when you are here and eye-ball deep into your classes. The second day of the Dancik/Duhamel class was great. We put our pictures in the resin, worked on putting a design into the Faux Bone and put the piece together. This was an amazing workshop and I would highly recommend it. PMC, resin, faux bone and much sharing of knowledge from these two great teachers....not just on the project but also on jewelry design, narrative in your work, and just about anything else we had questions on. Here is my piece from the class.

I picked up a fabulous vessel bead from the wonderful Karen Elmquist. Take a look at this. My picture doesn't do it justice. When I get back home I'll take a really nice pic of it. It's really great.

A bunch of us went out to dinner Tuesday night to a wonderful Latin restaurant...Charro . Getting into the cab I had my hand closed in the car door. I stood there making little noises trying to pull my hand out of the door. Luckily the cab driver was on the ball, saw this and leaned over the person in the front seat and popped the door. Also luckily they makes car doors with lots of rubber gaskets. My fingers will a little numb for a while but no damage done....except I did start crying like a little kid. More from the shock then any pain. Cris saw all this and was freaking out. Like a true girl friend she was worried I wouldn't be able to take class the next day...she knows my priorities. But it was all good and we ended up having a great dinner.

Today we took a class from Rio...soldering on PMC and BronzClay. This was my first exposure to soldering and working with a propane/oxygen torch. It was another great class. Rio provides everything from the jeweler's bench down to the smallest tools. All you have to do is show up. Mark Nelson was a great teacher...knew his stuff and freely shared. Cris brought along some bronze jump rings and we played with those in our free time. Cool...I can solder on bronze now:)

I have more pics but it's 1:30 AM and I am tired. Bye for now.


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

That vessel is fabulous! Good score. ;-) And I have questions galore... Is the front of the Duhamel/Dancik piece bronze riveted to FB? Button mold? I love it!! And what kind of solder did you use for the soldering? What color? I've been soldering with easy silver solder since it's what I own, but I hate the color difference.

More, More!!! Wish I were there. :- { Have fun.

Susan D said...

I love the vessel too! But more freaked out about your hand. My priority would be first, can I eat dinner (!) and then what about the class????? Glad you're ok. The class looks AMAZING, and I'm with Lora. More details, please! It's a great piece!