Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My smile gets bigger.....

the closer we get to Saturday. At work...almost all the grants are done. In the past month that totals 16 with the majority of them due October 5th. I have one left to get off my desk and that one will go tomorrow. We had our 2009 budget meeting with the Division on Monday. Now it's triage time. I look at a piece of paper and decide whether it will be handled before I leave or after I come back. It is amazing the sense of clarity you get when you know you have 2 days. It's either doable or not. If not it goes into the pile that will wait until I get back. I need to prep my coordinator and secretary and assure the Chairman that most things can wait until I get back and if they can't give him the name of another Administrator that can help. When I walk out of Friday I will not be thinking of work for 15 days. We will be totally cut off from work....the blackberry's don't work in France and we are not taking an international one. We do have a phone in the apartment with unlimited calls to the US, but I already told Lou there will be no phone calls to work. The only person that has the number is my mother and that is for emergencies.

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Nancy Chalmers said...

Hey's your sister. Have a fantastic time in Paris. I know you won't want to come home. Take lots of pictures for your blog and our Xmas picture fest.