Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I got a peaceful easy feeling.....

Damn...driving to work today I was so relaxed and peaceful. I was looking at the clouds in the sky and remembering strolling around Paris. I hope this feeling stays with me for a while. It is so much nicer then how I normally feel going to work.

Editing these pictures is going to take forever. Below are some from the batch I looked at tonight.

Close ups of a fountain below.

These are made of chocolate in the window at Patrick Roger . The one in the middle is 150 Euros and was about the size of a volleyball....a little bit smaller.

An old well on the grounds of the Cluny Museum. I think the mouth of the woman goes through to the well. Some kids were playing with it and sticking their hands in her mouth as far as it would go. Their teacher stopped them before I could get a picture.

Inside the museum Lou found a new friend.

The tapestries were beautiful.

City streets....some big, some small but almost all with their own charm.

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