Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chinese Stamps from Rio

Anne e-mailed tonight about the Rio e-mail that went out announcing the Dynasty stamps that they have for metal clay. I just logged into Rio to get a good look at them. They have quite a few. They look interesting. I'd like to play with them on the shields that I have been making. The designs go very well with the artifact quality that bronze lends to pieces. Check 'em out.

I find that I am researching old shields to see the shapes and designs as well as various artifacts from archeological digs to get ideas for the bronze. I think I'm addicted to the stuff. Now if I can just figure out how to take the clay and kiln to Paris with me I will be happy.

We all know that isn't going to happen...but I will have a new focus when I walk through the museums. I'm driving Lou crazy because I keep talking about the things that I want to search out in the museums. He finally had to tell me that this trip isn't all about me and my jewelry design. Silly boy.....of course it is. He knows that I am going to drag him to museums and flea markets all in search of ideas. And in between we will do the things that he wants to do....a boat trip on the Seine at night, a visit to Le Crazy Horse, some jazz bars and wine bars. Liquor him up, show him a topless girl and I can drag him just about anywhere :))) If I could line up a golf game for him he would be in hog heaven.

I don't know if I will be blogging while I'm gone. I hope so. If the computer in the apartment doesn't work, there is suppose to be an internet cafe fairly close so I am going to try to blog a bit and maybe get some pics up. If not.... I will talk to you all on the 19th.

a bientot mon amies


Kay (UK) said...

Hi Gail, just want to save you some money. have this whole Dynasty range for about half the price.
I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but I've shopped there for years and they are excellent, and make just about everything for PMC/BC.

Donna Picione said...

silly boy ....... no silly girl! I know you love your work .... you world-renowned designer ..... but hey its Paris .... Don't spend all your time thinking about bronze clay! Have some fun for me! Drink too much wine, see to many stores, and spend way to much money on shoes!

See you in November .....


Katie said...

Have a fabulous, fabulous time! And I want to see all the cool things you bring back for BC inspiration and design! Maybe by then I'll have my studio semi-organized and you can get a tour? Bon voyage!!