Friday, October 10, 2008

Victim #3

Not a person but an object. I broke the leg off a chair....when will the carnage end??? If things really go in threes then hopefully I am done. Yesterday we spent the day back in the Louvre in the Egyptian section. Amazing pieces

Canopic jars which were used to hold the internal organs of the person being mummified. I had always heard they placed mummified cats in the tombs with the dead but I hadn't seen any until now....

Some of them were painted up really nice....thinking of the upcoming art shows....I think stuffed versions of these would really sell. I have some closeups that I will post when I get home.

There were a ton of tablets with hieroglphys and figures on them.

Today we went to Saint Chapelle church. It was built to house the crown of thorns of Jesus (at least they believe them to be). They have since been moved to Notre Dame and are only brought out at Easter. But Saint Chapelle is still a major attraction due to the stained glass. You are surrounded by it.

As the sun comes in through the windows is sends ribbons of color around the room. At one point this chapel was used by the King as a place of worship.

A few nights ago we were on the Metro and I had a moment...not one of my typical dofus Gail moments, but a moment when I thought...I am in Paris on the Metro. I grew up on a farm in Ohio and never thought growing up that I would ever venture out of the country. And here I am walking the streets talking to the people in my very limited French. It's like....I'm a big girl now moment. As long as nobody is yelling...Hey Big Girl...I'll be OK.

It has been "interesting" watching the world economy collapsing while we are in France. The TV in the apartment only gets 3 English channels and they are all news so it is hard to avoid hearing about it. What an absolute mess. I stopped my employee 401K before I left. God knows what has happened to my investments. I don't want to think of it. So much for any type of early retirement. The Europeans for the most part put the blame on US for this mess. I don't understand any of it. I am also sick of watching the election coverage. So many lies and BS being spewed by at least one candidate is making me ill. There has to be an end to all this and a return to sanity.

Well I'm off to take a nap before we go out on Friday night....Au Revoir Bye-Bye

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Cris Leonard said...

You look like you're going to cut some one with that chair leg! You could get put away in the Bastille for the defacement of French furniture! International Incident Alert!