Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time Warp

After dinner last night we took a walk over to Shakespeare and Co Bookstore as we both have read all the books we brought with us. If you like bookstores you can get lost here. It's not very big but there are books and used. It was opened in 1951 and it still going strong. Right around the corner is Aux Trois Mailletz...this amazing little bar. It was like being transported back to 1950's Paris. There was a piano player so we went in to listen and have a few beers. You could tell there was a cast of charcters in the bar just by looking around. On the other side of the room was a 50 something woman desparately trying to look 20 something in her spaghetti strapped red dress, black hat, black hose and bright red shoes.... but the kicker was when she stood up and proceeded to twirl around the room dancing with a scarf. But everyone if the room watched, smiled, and applauded. Next a French-Asian woman got up and started to sing opera. I told Lou it was his turn to sign next but he wouldn't go for it....but another gentleman did. An older French gentleman proceeded to sign old songs and the twirly girl got up and danced. I don't knoz of anywhere else you could experience something like this. And everyone there was respectful of the people performing whether they had talent or not...but most did. And through it all there was this one guy reading a book. Looking around the room I thought you could probably write a book about all the people in this bar. The aging dancer, the Asian chanteuse, the French man, and the guy reading his book. We started to make up stories about everyone and their lives during World War II and in walked 4 German men which just took us over the edge because they became the SS soldiers. What a night!!

Then today we warped forward to the Pompidou Center...Modern Art Museum. We saw some great pieces...Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Dali, Magritte.

In a separate building they have an exact replica of Brancusi's studio. This is a picture of his tool bench...unfortunately it was behind glass so I couldn't get in and play with the tools.

Some of this sculptures. His most recognizable sculpture is The Kiss

Some views of the neighborhood from the top of the Pompidou Center.

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