Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Bronze

I'm loving this piece. I had spare parts and started to throw some things together and viola!! I am working on a couple of bracelets.

I made some small bronze balls (hee hee...balls) and threw them on the pendants as accents. When I was wire wrapping them I decide to leave the coiled up wire on the ball instead of cutting it off.

Sue had asked where I got the chain. It is brass chain from Vintaj. It will lighten up as you wear it...which is fine because the color still goes with the bronze. I do wish it would maintain the dark color though.

That's all for tonight. For once this week I have to try to get to bed before 2AM.

Au Revoir, Bye-Bye


SueB383 said...

Thanks for the info on the chain Gail! I'm sure that as BronzClay gets more and more attention, there will also be more and more people offering Bronze-related findings (i hope, i hope)!!

Beautiful pieces you've got there! I love your balls ... hahaha ... my sense of humor is at about the same age level as you described yours and your husband's ... about 12 years old :) Makes like fun though when we don't take ourselves too seriously!

Keep posting those pics! I've gotta start putting a few of my pieces up too when I get a chance. Take care!! :)

Cris Leonard said...

Hi Sweetie!
You can darken brass with the torch. Just lay the chain on your kiln brick and swipe a neutral flame over it until it burns of the Vintaj patina and begins to oxidize on it's own. Practice with a small bit and see what you think!
Love ya!

Cris Leonard said...

That is, until it burns 'off' the patina. Sorry, can't spell!

Karen Elmquist said...

U said balls!