Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday in Paris

We went north to Porte de Clingnancourt to the mother of all antique and flea markets. Interesting neighborhood. Once off the Metro you walk through a gauntlet of men trying to sell you knock off D&G belts and Chanel purses. It seemed like a dicey neighborhood... more so than last year. We did spend most of the afternoon there browsing. I ended up buying a pretty blue bottle...which Lou told I probably could have bought at home. But with this one I will think of Paris everytime I look at it. There was a tool stand with beautiful old tools and anvils. I have an image but it is vertical and I have no way to flip it. I'll post it later

On the way back the subway was jammed. There were four Metro cops watching people and turning some I was a dicey neighborhood. If my mother would have seen it she would yell at me for being there

Saturday night it seemed like everyone was out walking around having a good time...including us.

More later

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